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Separate Account Managers in Sustainable and Responsible Investing

Strategy Profile:
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Assets Under Management (AUM): $116.31M (in US$ millions)

Required Minimum: .250

Benchmark used: Bloomberg Barclays US 1-10 Yr Municipals

Strategy type: Bond (Fixed Income)

Strategy description: The investment team believes that an actively managed portfolio of tax-exempt bonds, constructed through a combination of fundamental analysis and ESG research, has the potential to deliver attractive after-tax returns over time while maintaining a core stability of principal. The investment team believes that their sustainable investment approach strengthens their fundamental research, and helps them identify bonds that fund projects with positive impact. Relying on bottom-up analysis, the investment team seeks to identify essentiality and feasibility of public purpose. With a focus on cash flow visibility, bondholder security, and downside scenario research, the investment team relies on both borrower-disseminated and publicly available information for their research. The investment team’s sustainability research primarily considers ESG risks and opportunities. The team believes these risks and opportunities have a clear and tangible impact on performance.

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Institution Name:
Brown Advisory

Approach to Sustainable & Responsible Investment: Brown Advisory is a leading independent investment firm that offers a wide range of solutions to institutions, corporations, nonprofits, families and individuals. Our mission is to make a material and positive difference in the lives of our clients by providing them first-rate investment performance, customized strategic advice and the highest level of personalized service. We follow a philosophy that low-turnover, concentrated portfolios derived from sound bottom-up fundamental research can generate attractive performance results over time. We have a culture and firm equity ownership structure that help us attract and retain professionals who share those beliefs, and we follow a repeatable investment process that helps us stay true to our philosophy

Research conducted: Internally

Researcher name: In the Brown Advisory Large-Cap Sustainable Growth Strategy, MSCI and Ethix are utilized for initial ESG screens.

Contact info:
901 South Bond Street, Suite 400
Baltimore, MD 21231
United States
Phone: 4105375400
Web: http://www.brownadvisory.com (Opens in a new window)


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