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Separate Account Managers in Sustainable and Responsible Investing

Strategy Profile:
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Assets Under Management (AUM): $270M (in US$ millions)

Required Minimum: $1 million

Benchmark used: Combination of: S&P 500, EAFE Index, Treasury Bill 90 Day, Bloomberg EFFAS Bond Indices U.S. Gov 1-5 Year Total Return

Strategy type: Balanced Strategys

Strategy description: NorthStar’s mission is to provide the most integrative approach to portfolio management available today. Wealth management begins with an analysis of the social, ecological, and political problems of our time and with deep conversations with our clients. These steps result in the construction of portfolios that integrate financial goals while upholding a commitment to social change. Synthesizing our broad market outlook and the individual needs of the client, we combine direct investments in global equities, investment grade bonds, community loan funds, alternative “outside” investments and cash to create a vibrant and well-balanced portfolio.

NorthStar has always been on the cutting edge of socially responsible investing (SRI). NorthStar portfolios avoid investing in companies with poor track records in human rights, the environment, employee relations, and corporate citizenship. We do not invest in gaming, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons manufacture or nuclear energy or in companies with a track record of funding right wing, oppressive organizations through their philanthropy. When possible, we use shareholder activism to address issues such as executive compensation, predatory lending practices, discrimination policies, and environmental impact and other “social” concerns.

Please see our website (link below) for more details.

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Institution Name:
NorthStar Asset Management, Inc.

Approach to Sustainable & Responsible Investment: NorthStar began in 1990 as a public equity and fixed income manager. As our analysis of solutions broadened, shareholder activism, community investing, community engagement, and charitable giving became essential ingredients of our active portfolio management process. Our approach has been guided by our deeply-held belief that the financial system is broken, that people are suffering, and that we need to help our clients use their resources to effect change.

Total AUM in SRI: $270M (in US$ millions)

Research conducted: Internally

Researcher name: Julie Goodridge, Christine Jantz, Ivy Jack, Xinyi Wan

Contact info:
PO Box 301840
Boston, MA 02130
Phone: 617-522-2635
Fax: 617-522-3165
Email: jgoodridge@northstarasset.com
Web: http://www.northstarasset.com (Opens in a new window)


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  • Climate / Clean Technology: Positive Investment - Our portfolio excludes fossil fuel investments, and seeks clean technology investments as available and appropriate.
  • Pollution / Toxics: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment
  • Other Environmental: Positive Investment


  • Community Development: Positive Investment
  • Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity: Positive Investment
  • Human Rights: Positive Investment
  • Labor Relations: Positive Investment
  • Conflict Risk: No Investment


  • Board Issues: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Executive Pay: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies


  • Alcohol: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment
  • Animal Welfare: No Screens
  • Defense/Weapons: No Investment
  • Gambling: No Investment
  • Tobacco: No Investment


  • Other/Qualitative: We carefully choose public equities from each of the major industry groups. Identifying particular strengths relative to their impact on the global community, we simultaneously acknowledge the issues, problems, and challenges unique to each company. Our goal is to find the best, financially sound and socially conscious businesses with full awareness of the limitations of any public company. We then intervene at a corporate level to improve their behavior with regard to such issues as human rights, the environment, employee relations, and corporate citizenship.

    NorthStar actively engages with the vast majority of companies on its buy list every single year, on various topics and related to issues of concern by clients and society at large. With the goal of creating social change, NorthStar incorporates social responsibility into every aspect of the firm and its actions.
  • Shareholder Engagement - Shareholder Resolutions: Filed or co-filed with companies on environmental, social or governance issues
  • Shareholder Engagement - Private Dialogue: Conducted with companies on environmental, social or governance issues
  • Proxy Voting: Actively voted by my institution for this investment strategy in support of environmental, social or governance issues in accordance with formal guidelines


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