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Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Mutual Fund and ETF Chart

Fund Profile:
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General Fund Information - [Return to Top]

Ticker: KESGX

Assets under management (AUM): $1.23M (in US$ millions) - See other performance data below

General Fund Type: Equity Mid-Small Cap

Specific Sizes or Types of Investments: Equities

Financial Objective: The Fund investment objective is capital appreciation.

Specific ESG Focus: •ESG variables are considered on both an inclusionary and exclusionary basis. •Portfolios are actively managed using a bottom-up investment approach and best of breed data for ESG assessment –not reliant upon 3rd party scoring. •Portfolio positioning focused on ESG variables that are measurable and comparable. •Directly interact with company management to gain better understanding of ESG-related advantages. •Portfolio exposure across the investment spectrum, from deep value to aggressive growth.

To invest, call: (833) 737-7788


Institution Name:
Kennedy Capital Management, Inc.

Mutual Funds Description: Kennedy Capital Management is a boutique investment firm that has focused on a goal of generating superior returns in the small and mid-cap domestic equity markets for our clients for 40 years.

Contact info:
10829 Olive Blvd
United States
Phone: 3147438203
Fax: 3147438307
Email: jeckerle@kennedycapital.com
Web: https://www.kennedycapital.com (Opens in a new window)


Account Minimums - [Return to Top]

Minimum Account: $50,000 initial; $100 automatic investment

Minimum IRA: $2,500 initial; $100 automatic investment


Methodology - [Return to Top]

Screening Venue: In-house

Screening Party: --

Screening Database Used: ISS, MSCI Carbon Metrics

Screening Process: KCM utilizes a fundamental, bottom-up research process that relies on internal resources to generate buy candidates, monitor existing positions, and support sell discipline. The firm employs a large team of research analysts that 1) seek to become experts in their given industries, and 2) are charged with identifying the most attractive equities within each sector. ESG research is closely integrated with traditional fundamental analysis. In addition, the firm has developed screening tools that complement the research process. These screens are based on broad set of corporate performance metrics and focus on traditional fundamentals and ESG criteria. For each security under consideration in the portfolio, the portfolio manager assesses corporate performance, competitive positioning, systematic effects on the business, and the intrinsic value of the business. This process is independent, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. The portfolio manager and research analysts work in close collaboration on idea generation and throughout the investment process.


Proxy Voting Information - [Return to Top]

Proxy Voting Guidelines or Policies: We have the capability to execute a proactive voting policy based on ESG or sustainability issues. This policy relies on the portfolio manager to review every proxy and to vote in alignment with the desired approach on ESG/sustainability-related items.

Proxy Voting Records: --


Specific Screening Information by Category - [Return to Top]


  • Climate / Clean Technology: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Pollution / Toxics: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Other Environmental: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies


  • Community Development: Positive Investment
  • Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Human Rights: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Labor Relations: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Conflict Risk: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment


  • Board Issues: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Executive Pay: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies


  • Alcohol: No Screens
  • Animal Welfare: No Screens
  • Defense/Weapons: No Screens
  • Gambling: No Screens
  • Tobacco: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment


  • Shareholder Engagement - Private Dialogue: Conducted with companies on environmental, social or governance issues

Performance Data - [Return to Top]

Data provided by: Bloomberg logo - Information current as of May 31, 2020

Year-to-date rate of return: -18.69%

1-year rate of return: -5.1%

3-year rate of return: --

5-year rate of return: --

10-year rate of return: --

Previous year rate of return: --

Management fee: 0.75%

Expense ratio: 0.82%

Standard deviation: --

Benchmark used: Russell 2500 | External link (Opens in a new window)

Disclaimer: The performance data quoted represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. For the most recent month-end performance, please call (833) 737-7788. The Fund has been in existence for less than one year; cumulative performance may not be indicative of the Fund’s long-term potential. The Fund returns will fluctuate over long and short-term period. Periods over one year are annualized. *Expense ratio as of most recent prospectus is 1.36% (gross) / 0.82% (net). Net expense ratio reflects the contractual agreement to waive fees and/or pay operating expenses until June 30, 2020. Net expense ratio ensures total annual fund operating expenses do not exceed 0.82% (exclusions exist) until June 30, 2020 Investors should consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. This and other important information is contained in the fund's full prospectus and summary prospectus, which can be obtained by calling (833) 737-7788. Please read carefully before investing.

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