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Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Mutual Fund and ETF Chart

Fund Profile:
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General Fund Information - [Return to Top]

Ticker: ICAN

Assets under management (AUM): $4.19M (in US$ millions) - See other performance data below

General Fund Type: Equity Large Cap

Specific Sizes or Types of Investments: No min

Financial Objective: Invest for return while making an impact

Specific ESG Focus: ICAN focuses on companies whose products and services offer solutions to 20 societal and environmental challenges aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—from clean water and environmental stewardship to renewable energy and local access to healthcare.

To invest, call: 202-349-3917


Institution Name:

Contact info:
MD Email: scott@serenityshares.com


Account Minimums - [Return to Top]

Minimum Account: 0

Minimum IRA: 0


Methodology - [Return to Top]

Screening Venue: In-house

Screening Party: SSI Indexes LLC

Screening Database Used: --

Screening Process: Review the activities of all 6500+ companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ to identify firms whose products and/or services target the 20 challenges to society and the environment that we’ve identified. By definition companies involved with weapons, tobacco, and oil and gas exploration are excluded. No large banks or alcohol producers qualify for inclusion.


Proxy Voting Information - [Return to Top]

Proxy Voting Guidelines or Policies: The fund evaluates ESG factors in its proxy voting

Proxy Voting Records: --


Specific Screening Information by Category - [Return to Top]


  • Climate / Clean Technology: Positive Investment - renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean tech are part of our 20 Themes
  • Other Environmental: Positive Investment - Environmental stewardship, forestry, and environmental monitoring are part of our 20 Themes


  • Community Development: Positive Investment - Community building is one of our 20 Themes.
  • Conflict Risk: No Investment



    • Defense/Weapons: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment
    • Gambling: No Investment - Gambing instituions are not part of our 20 Themes.
    • Tobacco: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment


    • Other/Qualitative: We vote our Proxy after considering ESG issues.
    • Shareholder Engagement - Shareholder Resolutions: Filed or co-filed with companies on environmental, social or governance issues

    Performance Data - [Return to Top]

    Data provided by: Bloomberg logo - Information current as of January 31, 2019

    Year-to-date rate of return: -3.91%

    1-year rate of return: 0.79%

    3-year rate of return: --

    5-year rate of return: --

    10-year rate of return: --

    Previous year rate of return: -3.89%

    Management fee: 0.5%

    Expense ratio: 0.5%

    Standard deviation: 16.89%

    Benchmark used: S&P 500 Composite Total Return | External link (Opens in a new window)

    Disclaimer: --

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