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Fund Profile:
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General Fund Information - [Return to Top]

Ticker: CUBIX

Assets under management (AUM): $208.63M (in US$ millions) - See other performance data below

General Fund Type: Bond (Fixed Income)

Specific Sizes or Types of Investments: Nontraditional Bond

Financial Objective: The Fund seeks positive absolute returns over a full market cycle, regardless of market conditions.

Specific ESG Focus: The Fund seeks to apply environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration across sectors and holdings as part of its risk and opportunity assessment, and also seeks to avoid investing in tobacco companies.

To invest, call: 800-368-2748


Institution Name:
Calvert Research and Management

Mutual Funds Description: Established in 1976, Calvert is a diversified investment management firm serving individual and institutional investors. Offers a wide array of products including more than 40 equity and fixed income mutual funds, workplace retirement options, and a national 529 college savings program. Recognized as a leader in taxable bond investing, Calvert also manages the largest family of mutual funds in the US that feature integrated environmental, social, and governance research.

Contact info:
4550 Montgomery Ave., Ste. 1000N
Bethesda,MD 20814
United States
Phone: 800-327-2109
Fax: 301-654-7820
Email: aeames@eatonvance.com
Web: http://www.calvert.com (Opens in a new window)


Account Minimums - [Return to Top]

Minimum Account: $1,000,000.00

Minimum IRA: N/A


Methodology - [Return to Top]

Screening Venue: In-house

Screening Party: Compliance Department

Screening Database Used: Trade Order Management/Compliance

Screening Process: The Calvert Unconstrained Bond Fund is the only mutual fund in the nontraditional bond category to feature the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis in its investment process. A unique aspect of Calvert’s sector and security selection process involves a relative value assessment of both fundamental and ESG risks. The credit team collaborates with in-house sustainability research analysts to find opportunities in industries and companies that exhibit a combination of particularly strong fundamentals and favorable ESG factors.


Proxy Voting Information - [Return to Top]

Proxy Voting Guidelines or Policies: Open external link in new window

Proxy Voting Records: Open external link in new window


Specific Screening Information by Category - [Return to Top]


  • Climate / Clean Technology: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Pollution / Toxics: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Other Environmental: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies


  • Community Development: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Diversity & Equal Employment Opportunity: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Human Rights: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Labor Relations: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies


  • Board Issues: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies
  • Executive Pay: Combination of Positive and Restricted/Exclusionary Strategies


  • Alcohol: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment
  • Animal Welfare: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment
  • Defense/Weapons: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment
  • Gambling: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment
  • Tobacco: Restricted/Exclusionary Investment


    Performance Data - [Return to Top]

    Data provided by: Bloomberg logo - Information current as of June 30, 2020

    Year-to-date rate of return: -3.24%

    1-year rate of return: -1.19%

    3-year rate of return: 1.69%

    5-year rate of return: 2.7%

    10-year rate of return: --

    Previous year rate of return: 7.06%

    Management fee: 0%

    Expense ratio: 0.65%

    Standard deviation: 10.8%

    Benchmark used: Barclays 1-3 Month U.S. Treaury Bill Index | External link (Opens in a new window)

    Disclaimer: Investment in mutual funds involves risk, including possible loss of principal invested. You could lose money on your investment in the Fund or the Fund could underperform because of the following risks: the market prices of bonds held by the Fund may fall; individual investments of the Fund may not perform as expected; and/or the Fund's portfolio management practices may not achieve the desired result. Bond funds are subject to interest rate risk and credit risk. When interest rates rise, the value of fixed-income securities will generally fall. In addition, the credit quality of the securities may deteriorate, which could lead to default or bankruptcy of the issuer where the issuer becomes unable to pay its obligations when due. High-yield, high risk bonds, which are rated below investment grade, can involve a substantial risk of loss because they have a greater risk of issuer default and are subject to greater price volatility than investment grade bonds and may be illiquid. The Fund's use of derivatives such as futures, options and swap agreements, can lead to losses, including those magnified by leverage, particularly when derivatives are used to enhance return rather than offset risk. An active trading style can result in higher turnover (exceeding 100%), may translate to higher transaction costs, may increase your tax liability, and may affect Fund performance. The Fund is non-diversified and may be more volatile than a diversified fund.

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